Did you know that a First Responder commits Suicide every day in the United States?

If you are reading this, then there’s a good chance that you or someone you know is a FIRST RESPONDER and in crisis, perhaps from PTSD, COVID19 STRESSORS, ADDICTION, MENTAL HEALTH, or SUICIDAL THOUGHTS. 


Our heroes have lived through many powerful & 'heroic' stories, and sometimes they need help to get back to Life! We guide first responders through a mid-life correction in our Peer-To-Peer Residential Crisis Center.



Confidential - Targeted Therapies - Teamwork - RESULTS!

We guide our heroes to a place they can feel proud again. Contact us today and take the first steps towards a brighter future.

With your generous investment we can move forward to open our doors sooner.   

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First Responder Station - OPENING SOON

Have you or perhaps someone you know, ever had to call 911? Probably so, and, without a doubt you knew that a team of first responders would arrive quickly to assess the situation, take action, and save lives....consistently, day-in and day-out.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that many of these heroes are suffering in silence. Here is an unsettling fact you may not know; First Responders are committing suicide 30-40% more often than the general public! I know all too well because a lifelong friend of mine did just that!

We have designed a program that is exclusively for first responders where they can overcome PTSD, Mental Health, Suicide Ideation and Addiction issues and also help to heal the family relationships.

Our facility is located on a 5 acre, gated and confidential private ranch property where these heroes can begin to heal just among their peers. We take pride in the success of a whole body approach which is a combination of evidence based and holistic therapies which are administered by our licensed and professionally trained team of Experts.

What sets us apart?

  • -Residential facility that is exclusively among peers

  • -Confidential and private location

  • -Wellness Program Designed specifically for First Responders

  • Accelerated Programs (as little as 14 days)

  • -Intensive Evidence Based

  • Holistic Practitioner Therapies

  • (Trauma Focused)

  • -Licensed and Professionally trained team of Experts

  • -Proprietary and intensive ongoing ‘Life’ program (aftercare)

  • -Family Healing Program

How can you help us save our First Responders before another day passes and another First Responder gives up on life?

  • We are always looking for passionate volunteers to help us in our mission.

  • We want investors who understand and want to be a part of doing good for others

We understand the unique needs that First Responders are presented with, and we provide the solutions necessary to overcome these paralyzing, life threatening obstacles...Why?...because we are also First Responders, Family of First Responders and/or recovering from these griping illnesses ourselves - in other words, we have worn those shoes.



Guiding our Heroes to a place of Well Being

First Responder Station is an organization dedicated to raising awareness that First Responders are our heroes and are suffering in silence from Suicide, Suicide Ideation, PTSD, Mental Health Issues and Addictions. Our goals are to overcome the stigma around these issues and to SAVE OUR HEROES through EXCLUSIVE PEER-TO-PEER SUPPORT PROGRAMS. 

We provide safe, exclusively peer to peer support in our residential properties that promote evidence based health services and holistic therapies which are specifically designed for first responders across the country.